Move over Peter Kay, we have Alasdair

Alasdair Kay is a regular theological conversation partner of mine over at Facebook, where I regularly have threads on the go which relate to the blog. Most of the people I talk to there I have never met but I feel that I know many of them better than people I actually sit next to in theology classrooms!

Alasdair is an awesome guy with an awesome testimony that hopefully he will share with us one day. I reckon he has a good few blogs stored away internally that just need releasing.

He began to read his Bible through for the thirtieth time this year and is, although humility would prevent him from describing himself this way, something of a theologian. He is the director of Derby City Mission and is passionate about Derby Street pastors and many other gospel-inspired ventures by which Christianity is given a public and relevant face for an unchurched culture.

Little did we know he was something of an insightful comedian too. In fact, he might just be the Church of England's very own Peter Kay, but this one is Alasdair, a Christian name he shares with the diocesan bishop.

Alasdair is not an Anglican. He worships at an evangelical church but just as Peter Kay is insightful about his northern heritage, Alasdair has similarly profound and amusing insights into the religious institution with which he shares many ministry ventures.

A rather simple joke I put up on facebook resulted in these witticisms.

Alasdair Kay on the Church of England machinery:

It takes 15 Anglicans to change a light bulb: one to do the work and the other 14 to stand around saying how much they preferred the old bulb!

Alasdair does have a blog!

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