Integrating software

Below is a test for bible verse integration software for blogger.

Proverbs 27:17

Isaiah 1:18

(Blog comment bible advice.)

If this works, you should be able to click across to Bible verses mentioned on this blog.

Whilst on this topic, I am thinking of investing in Logos but I am wondering.

Afterall, they default to ESV.

Re my picture - is it just all very American?

I am wondering, do they champion rather a conservative theology?

I am trying to collect together opinions and advice before investing in this software.

Features I am after:
Latest theology books - download and copy and paste across format
Commentaries like NICNT and NICOT
Easy biblical languages programs
Maps for someone who is terrible with biblical geography
Availability of stuff I couldn't otherwise find on the net for free

Tell me what you think - please.


Robert said...

Logos is rather American, with lots of fundamentalist stuff available if you want it. I have v3g, and the interface is very clunky. It's got most of the standard lexicons, commentaries of all sorts, though I don't have NICNT or NICOT; I don't know whether they're available, but there should be up-to-date lists on the website. There's masses of stuff you won't get free on the Net, though what I have isn't exactly new. I don't have a decent atlas with it, but see what's available.

Rach said...

Thanks Robert, I think coming across a collection of stuff for 'godly women,' which they make available might have finally put me off. I think I might wait for the Kindle to improve a little. What I really hope for is for easy, cheap, electronic theology books. Mind you, the other day I found the whole of a NICNT online in its complete entirety - good books are leaking out all over the place. The IT world will have to do something about this before too long.

Jon Swales said...

I use Logos 4. Yes it does have some fundy stuff but also some ghreat academic resources. NIGNTC, WBC, AYBD, BDAG, etc. It is not the fastest bible software but it certainly has the most resources...


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