The second thing dawning on me

...is to take my own advice:



Gordon Fee keeps going on about NA 27...


UBS 4?

 - Two editions of the Greek New T, yes?


How do I begin?

Learn the alphabet, yes?

They don't expect me to come to college having already read my NT in Koine, do they? Cos I 'aven't!


DNA001 said...

Don't worry. As long as you've mastered the basics of the third anterior subform, you'll make it through the first week.

Rachel Marszalek said...

oh heck!

Peter Kirk said...

I would suggest the Nestle-Aland Greek-English New Testament, published by UBS. This is the NA27 text and apparatus (the same text as UBS4, only the apparatus is different) with the RSV English conveniently on facing pages. I use mine all the time, to cheat in Greek - if you don't understand a word, look at the English!

PamBG said...

Learn the Greek alphabet. Otherwise you will have to learn it quickly in the first few days of college when a million other things are going on.

I don't know where you are going, but I believe everyone at Cambridge who was studying Greek was given a Nestle-Aland New Testament for free. Don't buy any books for the Greek course until your tutor tells you what s/he prefers. You will very likely not need a Greek New Testament until well into the year.


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