How to be missional without mentioning JC

...so I'm struggling a little... I want to get involved in internet evangelism but the problem is I talk about God too much! Really, my blog is to the already converted and in many ways it is more akin to a diary than being a vehicle for outreach.

However, my husband is a computer programmer and we are both Christians and I think God might be calling us to communicate his message via the web. However, all the advice is that sites need to be about something else first, to attract people, something worldly, the faith thing has to be subtle and gentle. I think therefore that this might be a development for another time. It would involve me taking up a serious hobby and to be honest, I do not know where I would find the time.

In some ways then, I understand the advantages to NSM ministry. You hold down a regular job and you minister. Perhaps then you could reach out by creating a site which is rooted in the secular world you inhabit, in which God is very much at work. The trouble with people already in ministry is that all they often go on about is Church!

Jody Radical Evangelical and Dave Warnock have both blogged of late about their biking exploits and even Bishop Alan, busy as he is, recounts family events and includes photos of his loved one and friends, so perhaps it's time I let you all in on a little more of my life.

It's a strange one - you want it to be all about Jesus but then again, it's good to share your life with other people too. Perhaps I'll ask you lot what you think.

So do I need to give up blogging about PSA (Psub At) for more Personal, Social, Animated stuff instead?


DaveW said...

Obviously everyone should be blogging about cycling. It will change the world and ourselves.

More seriously if you look back to the early days of my blog you will see that I wrote very little on faith issues. There was a lot on technology (programming mostly), some on cycling and some on general family life.

At the time I got most of my readers on the technical side. My hope was that they would then read the blog and find the faith issues in there.

It was reasonably successful (how do you measure that), but with 4 years outside the programming world my knowledge, interest and time have all waned and so it has become much more of a faith blog - something I am not entirely happy about (and one reason why I had resisted changing the picture to one with a dog collar for so long).

Anyway if you want to really extend the reach of the blog I think you will want more than just include a few posts on other subjects. You will want to think about audience and how they are going to find out about it, what is going to keep them coming back etc. You already have that for a Christian audience with the compelling story of your journey of discipleship through training.

Besides there is always the problem of time - always a big issue during training.

What you are doing is already good and valuable, you might not need to do more at the moment.

On the other hand if the idea gets you fired up and exciting then go for it, what have you to lose?

Gfeef said...

perhaps it's s implified response but i think blogging is about life, it's about your thoughts and experiences, it's about your passions and the things that you want to share with the world. one of my favourite bloggers had her first child a while ago, all the ministry stuff took a backseat to pregnancy updates then pictures of the bouncing baby. i still feel like i've a window into her life though, i see what's important to her. your blog is mostly about God and thology, well that's what you spend your days thinking about, so it's natural. as you move out of your study other things may become passions in your life, but to take up a hobby just to use a back door to evangelise seems soft of manipulative to me. blog your passions, whatever they are, and it shows through - i suppose is my shortened answer.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the input guys, yes, the content will adapt over time as I experience different things and I am passionate about my studies so I spend a long time reflecting on these things. You're right Kate about the taking up of a hobby for a defined reason - it would be a bit strange, however I am aware that as a real 'tunnel vision' personality, it would be good to involve myself in other things, on occasions.

The other problem is that I am so precious about confidentiality, it does limit my discussion of some of the more practical aspects of my ministry involvement. For example, this morning I helped to run a creche at Church for mums in a parenting course and would love to let off a bit of steam about runny noses and smelly nappies but feel I should be careful!!

Enjoying keeping up with your journey Kate and thank you Dave for the insights.

Anonymous said...

my advice would be just to chill :) don't over-think it all, write about what comes naturally, whatever it is. don't feel you have to be all deep & meaningful or all kids & cooking -just be you.

Matt Stone said...

I engage with a lot of non-Christians on http://mattstone.blogs.com and mention Christ and Christian issues all the time. If you're serious about this hang out at a few non-Christian sites first and listen.

Rachel said...

Thank you Matt
Good to meet you ;)
I'll check out your site


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