The future's bright, the future's orange

Bought my blog a new outfit - a wee orange and grey number. Not too sure about it really but felt like a change.

Doing a lot of reading about internet evangelism and realise that to non-believers, my site must be very annoying.

I came across this from the site I'm promoting in the top left hand corner:

Survey contents

Respondents were asked to rate annoyance levels:

Total respondents: 28

Breakdown of responses:

Not at allSlightly ModeratelyGreatly
Christian backgrounds 6 5 2 14
Commercialism 4 5 10 9
Voting buttons 9 8 4 5
Use of "webservant" 8 7 1 11
Infighting 7 3 5 13
Bible verses 7 4 7 10
Written prayer 4 6 4 14


Peter Kirk said...

I'm sorry to say it, but your blog's new outfit makes it look overweight. That is, the letters are far too big, and the sidebar is far too long - it takes 40 page down clicks to get to the bottom of it! I would suggest clearing out a lot of the sidebar material and reducing the font size of the main text - also moving to wordpress.com!

Rachel said...

Thank you Peter - appreciate the constructive criticism and have acted on it. I am very tempted by wordpress but need to stick with what I know for the time-being.

Any more tips?
Does it read better?

Peter Kirk said...

This version looks quite a bit better. Well done!


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