Great is thy faithfulness Lam 3:23

Dear Lord
Great is your faithfulness
Just when I doubt myself your message comes clearly
Just when I wonder, you do not
I see my weaknesses and you make it strength
I see my ineptitude but you give me hope
I seek to find you and you are there
Speaking through the world and its people
Speaking through your Word.

When I am fickle and inconstant, you are unchanging
When I fail to see the bigger picture,
You are carrying it safe in your hands
I only need to look and listen
Thank you for that new perspective
Thank you for changing the lens
For bringing everything into focus
So that it might be captured as a vision and shared.

Thank you Lord
Great is your faithfulness.

(A particularly challenging evening at Youth group but all will be well!)

(Thank you Helen. Thank you Jo)

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Anonymous said...

huge improvement in the layout of the site. well done. still watching your journey with interest. madeline.


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