Life's for sharing

Really like this.

Have had a good few days with friends - sharing life.

I went away with my book group, some really special people. We all have children at the same school. There was lots of laughter and a few tears - all girls together stuff: good fun. They're very supportive of my journey with the C of E which is lovely, although they have some mixed feelings about the potential sacrifice of the kids' school and our lovely house, necessary for curacy.

Just before I left to go away for the weekend, I was contacted by a pupil I used to teach who had put an old class photo up on the web, so I have been invited to renew contact with some of the kids I used to teach at secondary school about 10 years ago. It was good of them to notify me that it was going up on the web.

My first class of year seven students are now grown up and doing the typical 21 year old thing on the whole: uni and studies and partying. Things haven't changed much in a generation. We must have all stuck up those photos on our study-bedroom walls of our inebriated and strangely clad hall mates. The difference is that they are all 'socially networking', whereas when I was at uni there was no internet and we all had to queue up to speak to our boyfriends and parents on the hall pay-phone.

Because I am now following the lives of a bunch of 21 year olds, I'm realising that my face-book page will start to look a little wild and I feel a little nervous about this but I'm not responsible for the content and really, to be honest, the Shakespeare plays I taught them were just as racy. So, called to be in the world as we are, I confirmed several friendship requests and do not think I'll be too shocked, after-all I was 21 once too!

(In fact, about 23 in this photo, and attending some of the clubs on the weekend, which they are attending now.)

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