OK so I think I get this.
Gentle Wisdom has tagged Tim who has tagged me for Link love so here are Tim's latest postees websites, followed by my ten latest postees websites. Your job is now to do the same, if I've linked to you. This, whilst giving exposure to sites we might not have come across before, is also revealing how some of us really are in network with each other. Great to fellowship with you all (if I can use that as a verb).

Tim's latest 10 postees' websites:

Radical Evangelical
Revise Reform
Peter Ould
David Keen
Pluralist speaks
Steve's Pencil Dreams
Phil's Treehouse
Jane Stranz
All I do is dream

My latest 10 postees' websites:(disclaimer: do not endorse all opinions on websites below but faith and brain stimulated by what I read there)

Chipping Away At Chuchianity
Bishop Alan
Fibre fairy at Strands of Life
David Rudel at Fire in the Bones
Dave Warnock at 42
Singing Owl at The Owl's song
John Richardson at The Ugley Vicar
Peter Kirk at Gentle Wisdom
Tim Goodbody at Friends Meeting House
Fibre Fairy at Strands of Life

Happy Blogging!

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