Blogging is a meaningful way to procrastinate

I have taken ages writing the last post on the link love meme, convincing myself of its importance - 'I would be letting people down' - it has been a happy half hour in procrastination.

These are the things that I need to really do

I have only 104 days to prepare myself for BAP - how one quite goes about preparing for this I do not know - lots of prayer and reflection, writing and reading...and just living I guess. If anyone wants to share with me anything that they found particularly useful I would be grateful.

I have to begin writing a defence of Penal Substitutionary Atonement. This will be an interesting academic exercise, which I have chosen deliberately because I am interested in the debates which surround this and what it means for evangelicals. This is so heavy, it is the reason I have been procrastinating. It's just how I begin to organise a structure for this which is troubling me.The question is 'To what extent can a coherent defense be made of penal substitution in the face of contemporary criticism?'

I have to deliver holiday club for the under 5s on April 6th on Easter so if anybody has any resources that would be great so that I can do something fresh, rather than relying on the stuff I have made a while back.

I have to write a theological reflection for my DDO between 500 - 750 words long on something undertaken by me or my church. Can any of you already ordained people out there remember doing this and if so give me a few hints please on the sort of thing you found it interesting to reflect upon.

I need to rewrite certain sections of my BAP forms because I sound a little too pioneering! I need to write to persuade the BAP team that I am interested in sustaining the more traditional expressions of church too, which I am - honest! No really, I am. I am not a pioneer in the modern-day church sense of the word. I want to be involved in the traditional and the more creative.

So.... exciting and nerve-wracking times. God is so good - this is all so great I keep praying that this might all happen and I forget that I am making steps forward. When I have constantly got my eyes fixed on the future, I need also to look behind me to see the footprints I've already left and the extra ones where God was walking with me. I'm now running and feel a little out of breath but I just keep on going, I can see the path and there are hurdles but hopefully I'll clear them.


Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Rachel, apart from agreeing with your drift (I think) that the best way with BAP's is just to say your prayers, be yourself, relax, listen and give it to the Lord.

I was wondering about your piece on atonement, and wondered whether you'd come across J. Denny Weaver The Nonviolent Atonement (Eerdmans 2001). It's a attempt by an honest Anabaptist scholar to probe the atonement in context, much deeper and better grounded hisorically than Steve Chalke’s critique; a good and creative thought provoker.

Will be praying for your BAP

Rachel said...

Thank you for your help. I'll follow up the book lead. I'm finding the blog Theo Geek very useful too.


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