After the baptism Jade said her sons have "got Jesus around them now".

Jade passed away on Mother's Day. There is little one can add to that. She died at 27 years of age, after having only been married for 27 days. Jade Goody seemed to represent the worst and the best things about humanity and her racist comments on Big Brother certainly didn't go unpunished. She lived loudly and ungraciously but died graciously and courageously. This time she used her fame to promote not the message of self but the message of salvation and that like the thief on the cross next to Christ, it is never too late for us to respond to Christ's gift, repent and secure eternity with him. One of her last public acts was her baptism with her two sons at the Royal Marsden Hospital chapel at which she said afterwards that her sons have "got Jesus around them now". Her testimony was one of her ever-growing reliance on the Bible and so she might have made us think a little more about each other. We need to look at our neighbours through God's eyes. Those who seem so far away from God are only a breath away in reality and he is forever calling us home to him. Through the media glitz, the bling and the press, through the highs and lows, our infamies and strivings for reputation, he knows our yearnings and sees our brokenness and has dealt with it all and he waits for us to surrender ourselves to his care and become like little children once again. I am glad that at last Jade will come to understand just what it can feel like to be the daughter of the most loving parent.

She has also done a great deal to publicise our awareness of cervical cancer. There is that 'immortality feeling' one has in your twenties and she might perhaps have saved lives in that young women might think more before making excuses not to attend their cervical smear checks.

Rest in peace Jade.

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