Richard Turnbull has resigned from CEEC

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There is an apology:

'CEEC apologises for the fact that we failed to circulate the proposed resolutions prior to the Consultation day. We acknowledge that this was a serious mistake which understandably caused consternation on the day.'

I think Turnbull has done the right thing, particularly considering the fact that attendees were issued at the door with a Booklet, labelled Shaping the Future. on it. It was loaded heavily against the ordination of women.

How typical!

It really is awful when the idea of women's ordination is considered unbiblical as it is by Turnbull. As Charles Reed explains, a Neac attendee:

'... for most evangelicals in the Church of England the ordination of women is a gift we have welcomed and we support it because we are committed to scripture, not despite our commitment to scripture.'

I'm surprised that there was 'surprise' over his resignation.

If you've read the 'surprise' link, you will see what CEEC has decided upon and while I struggle to get my head around it all and what it means for evangelicals I will leave you to read Adrian's synopsis.

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