Lewes warns that traditional parishes will withdraw their parish share

He says 'Since you have made no provision for traditionally orthodox Anglicans, except a Code of Practice, they will have to make their own provision, and often in unconventional ways. Since this will cost them money, and money is (in the present financial climate) unusually tight, you can expect the probability of their cancelling the payment of diocesan quota. You can also expect that the Provincial Episcopal Visitors will gain new recruits, and that they will no longer come only, or almost only, from Anglo-Catholic circles. The Third Province Movement (which we represent) and other traditional movements can likewise look for an increase in support, and the more so, because our constructive proposals of ways forward have received so little consideration.

I wonder how aware most members of church congregations are of their leaders' leanings...perhaps actually they do not care...I'm not sure...I suppose it depends how much these things matter to them.

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