Reflecting on power in the Anglican Church...

? If the Anglican Consultative Council has no power, only influence and Lambeth has no power, only influence and the Primates' meeting has no power and only influence and the Ab of C has no power and only influence - how does anything ever get done?

Problem in a nutshell, Christina Baxter explained at the Chelmsford Diocesan Evangelical Consultation:

There are those (mostly Liberals) who don’t want a Covenant at all, don’t want Provinces to be bound at all. There are those who want a Covenant with teeth and want to know how Provinces would be expelled or called to account. And there are those in the middle. All trying to make something which will work.'

Christina explains that at present there is '
no organization whereby we can come together to make statements.'

The Anglican church is already splitting with the creation of a Third Province and I wonder what will be left of our Church in the future - indeed whose is 'our' church? Our Church is represented by whom - the anti-covenant liberals, the conservative Gafcon FOCA or those in the middle pursuing covenant? All three? Some are now unwilling to share house with unruly brothers and sisters.

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