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Warning: it's a bit graphic but perhaps we need to be shocked sometimes into the realisation of what Christ did for us!

I'm shattered - all topped up on the theological reasons why women shouldn't be bishops and ready to explode - it actually got quite depressing, researching this side of things, especially with the books from the St John's library, many of which herald from the 70s and are quite unconcerned by their description of strident women with shrill voices! I move to Jonathan Baker next, who although opposed, will be a bit more intelligent, hopefully. I also get to revisit Elaine Storkey and Bilezikian - hooray but then I plan to dip my toes in the freezing waters of Grudem and Piper - AHHH! I read a great article today from 1977, would you believe it, a back issue of the journal Churchman (Vol 91 no1). It was by Williams on the man/woman relationship and made a lot of sense. I was quite surprised these ideas about kephale and hupotasso were being published back then but glad to see it. Wish me luck. I've still got a month, I think, before I hand it in and it can't come too soon - I've lived this issue for way toooo long and I've got a feeling I might always live it somehow.


Lynne said...

Thanks for that version of one of my favourite songs!

You know, I actually find hope and encouragemnt in the juxtaposition of that song with this subject. The Christ who died for me (and who will never reject me for my gender) has declared, "It is finished!" and while men may choose to live under the curse (and, more significantly, try to place us back there) ultimately it is God who will speak, and like Job, there will come a day when they will have to put their hands over their mouths. Meanwhile, as we live in the now-and-not-yet, good luck with piper and Grudem, seriously, these days their stuff makes me feel physically sick.

Rachel said...

You're right about the 'not-yetness' and this is how I'm coming to be reconciled to the fact that this attitude towards women exists in the church.

We will have to live with the fall-out of the curse until the second-coming or our own passing away and into heaven.

I feel so utterly blessed and privileged to be spending my lectures under the care of Christina Baxter who has done such a lot to help women into ordained ministry with her work with the Synod. Today at college we looked at this debate and I asked her some pertinent questions. She doesn't think that there should be legal provision for those who object to women in the episcopate because she says it renders women a kind of second-class priest. She was very open about her views. At times, I have felt guilty about the views I hold and I remember extending my sympathies to John Richardson of Anglican Mainstream the day after General Synod decided to press ahead with action to consecrate women into the episopate. I was very careful not to be triumphalistic because I felt Christ's call upon me to not further fracture the disunity of his broken body - perhaps I actually have nothing to feel ashamed about. St John's college life is proving to be a very healing experience in many more ways than I had imagined.


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