For what should we pray?

May my supplication come before you, deliver me according to your promise. Psalm 119 170

My house group tonight discussed prayer. What can we pray for? Can we pray for the trivial? Our prayers should coincide with God's will, indeed, but can we pray that the Lord blesses the church barbecue with sunshine, for example? Is this too trivial when there are huge global crises occurring and tragedy on a horrific scale? God is interested in every aspect of our lives though, and so huge and yet also like a loving parent. We want to help our children with those trivial problems that they bring before us, don't we...so surely God, as our loving father, is the same? So what about when it rains at the church barbecue? What are we to think then?

Is it okay to pray that you find a parking space?

These were just some of the questions and statements that we made.

We looked at Exodus 17 and Moses putting up his hands to the Lord. When he did, from his mountain view-point, the Amalekites would lose in battle but with Moses' hands lowered, when he was fatigued, the Amalekites would gain the advantage. We tried to interpret this for it application to our lives, deciding that Jesus is like Moses praying on our behalf but also we are like Moses when we tire in our prayers or discontinue our supplications to God - Jesus never tires of interceeding on our behalf - the exalted and glorious Christ - the divine Christ, tires not in answering our prayers and presenting our worries to the father.

Should we therefore pray about everything? - 'Pray about everything, worry about nothing' scripture tells us.

If this is what you think, is this then what you do? If you don't pray about everything - why do you choose to leave some things out of your prayers? This is a question I'm asking of myself as much as I am asking it of you?

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