Bishop Broadhurst says "It was a sin for the synod to presume to tell God that he had got it wrong [about a men-only ministry].

See Michael Brown's Religious Intelligence
I really don't think that synod were telling God that he had got it wrong. God is way bigger than how the Church has interpreted a few sentences of the Apostle Paul down the ages. As I'm discovering, doing the background reading for my discussion of women in the episcopate, we have inherited a way of responding to this issue. The traditionalists think that only they have theological reasons for their position; it is thought that advocates of women in the episcopacy are simply swayed by social mores but this is far from the case. A case can be made for women in these offices from scripture alone, just as much as a case can be made for 'silencing women' - it's all about the way we read scripture and what presuppositions we bring to the text- I know that this all sounds very post-modern but to argue that a few people are in possession of the absolute truth to which others have been made blind is surely simplistic whoever is saying it, apart from when God says it! With certain texts we have to work together to come to a consensus. Surely, the Church of England is an establishment of integrity and intellectual rigour: it couldn't be accused of simply responding to its culture - it has weighed up the theological position on such an issue before deciding to consecrate women to the episcopate. Surely?!

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