The General Synod affirmed at 10 past 10 on Monday that its majority wished women to be admitted to the episcopate.

It affirmed its view that special arrangements should be available, but in the course of the debate it rejected all amendments that would have provided structural safeguards (special dioceses, etc.) for opponents.

It did, however, amend the original motion from the House of Bishops to specify that a code of practice should be statutory.

The Bishop of Dover, the Rt Revd Stephen Venner, said that he was “ashamed” that so many had spoken of generosity, but nobody had showed any, since the opponents had made it clear that they could not be accommodated by a code of practice alone.

After the debate the Archbishop of York told the press gallery from his place in the chamber that he did not want to see the headline “that we have kicked out traditionalists, because that’s not true.” He said to traditionalists: “It will be too cold out there without you.”


madeline bassett said...

I would be more impressed with the Bishop of Dover's intervention about generosity if I had not for decades seen some of those opposed to women priests draw away in disgust when one comes near, refuse them access to their altars because they would 'taint' them, mock them behind their backs as 'the ladies' and 'wimmin', claim that it was no more possible to ordain a woman that it was to ordain a meat pie, refuse to be ordained at the same ordinations, refuse to concelebrate with them. All of these insults, and more, have been offered through the years by those whom Stepen Venner feels are not now being treated generously. They ask for 'safeguards' to keep them clean from the touch of women priests, and then they howl about a lack of generosity. Something here doesn't fit.

Rachel said...

Hi Madeline
I'm amazed as well that there are so many women who feel as though 'male headship' is God's will- they do not seem to read Jesus' treatment of women as somehow being about them- yes the healing of the bleeding woman and the episode of the woman at the well, the dedication of those women to Jesus in his ministry and to him at the foot of the cross, Phoebe, Deborah, Mary, Mary and Mary, Priscilla etc they are all stories about faith, dedication, service etc but there is something so hugely redeeming about those narratives for women and yet women in favour of 'male headship' are so blinkered. I have read so many comments in response to the news articles and been surprised by the things that women have said and all this talk of truth having been compromised makes me feel very sad because it's so clearly not the case. I'm so grateful to the likes of Bilezikian and Ken Bailey and other scholarly theologians for showing me how to make sense of those tricky passages. Cheryl Schatz over at 'Strivetoenter' has also done a lot to help. You have your eyes opened and it's wonderful.

Rachel said...

Hi Anonymous
I haven't published your comment because I feel as though I can't judge fairly the actions of your church's first female Bishop Jefferts-Schori. It has taken me a long time to understand the British system and I am very new in my explorations of Church politics, having only been blogging a month to the day. I am sorry you feel so let down by your Bishop and in your feeling that Watch etc have not behaved in a Godly way.

I think, equally, there would be many women who have been similarly hurt by their treatment by those on the right.

I hope you don't think my site has been lefty or aggressive, this was never my intention but since you have not hinted at feeling this way, I guess I shouldn't worry. I was just told by a comment contributor on John Richardson's Anglican Mainstream Ugley Vicar site that I have not expressed myself arrogantly. He said 'Seriously: Rachel, thank you for your lack of triumphalism- it is much appreciated.'

Perhaps you can tell me a little more about yourself so that I can put a context to your comments, do keep posting. I think your comments reflect the sinfulness of humanity whatever their gender and I'm sure Christ must be weeping for the Church that is his body that is so divided.

We are (as men and women) the complementary halves that make up a reflection of the image of God. That I use complementary with a small c and not a large one and that I believe passionately in our submission to Christ and our mutual submission to each other is something I should 'boast' in carefully because it is about the beauty of my Lord, it is not my idea but His and so I shouldn't boast in it cruelly in order to hurt my brother for then I am really not understanding the gospel at all.

Thanks for your post, although I've not published it yet, I will keep re-reading it and thinking about it.

Yours faithfully


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