1975 General Synod says “there are no fundamental objections to ordination of women to priesthood”

1984 Decides to ordain women deacons

1992 Gives final approval. Royal Assent granted and Act of Synod passed to create “flying bishops” for opponents

1994 First women priest ordained

2000 Archdeacon of Tonbridge, Judith Rose, brings motion to synod calling for debate on women bishops

2005 After two working party reports, synod agrees to “set in train the process for removing the legal obstacles”

2006 Synod agrees women bishops “would be consonant with the faith of the Church” and sets up legislative working group under the Right Rev Nigel McCulloch

July 2008 Synod votes for women bishops and draws up code of practice for traditionalists

2015 Probable earliest time for potential consecration of first woman bishop

In 2015 my girls will be 10 and 13 and I'll be 40.
With two daughters currently aged three and six, I am pleased that they will grow up in a Church that is represented by both men and women in leadership positions right the way to the top - or should that be the bottom - after all this pyramid is an inverted one and it's about servant-heartedness not power. They 'get' inclusive church. I've tried to explain to them what happened last night and they 'get it' and they don't see it from the point of view of their society either - they are too young to appreciate this. They understand it biblically, as much as they can at this age. 'God loves ladies and men' they say but mummy, Jill's a vicar' - St Nick's Allestree. When we listen to a Spring Harvest Track in the car from the album 'Wonderful Saviour' called 'Beauty Unspoken' - the words of which I've included underneath, my three year old daughter choruses 'NOT ME - ALL OF US' and we all laugh. Even at the age of three, she is beginning to appreciate the hugeness of God's love.

Beauty Unspoken
Glory unchanging
Maker of the stars above
God uncreated
Made yourself nothing
Carrying the cross for love

Light in the darkness
One with the Father
The beginning and the end
Lifter of burdens
Bruised and forsaken
Jesus Christ the sinners friend

You are love never ending
Your grace overwhelming
Crucified for me
And this blood never failing
Your mercy unveiling
Given lord for me

Thank you God
Thank you God
Thank you God
For Saving me


Anonymous said...

That's interesting I will add my stuff to your blog as I have been thinking hard about this.
love Dad

Rachel said...

Thanks dad X


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