'No mass exodus' from Church of England over women bishops

Ekklesia reports positive news on the Women Bishops front - I'm hoping their reporting doesn't prove to be a little naive. You can read the full report here: Ekklesia on Women Bishops


madeline bassett said...

I'm fine with it, either way. If they stay, let them welcome all priests as priests, male and female, and let them welcome all Christians as Christians, gay and straight. Otherwise, let them go as quickly as they can. And don't let them hang around around looking over their shoulders for pensions and pay-offs.

Rachel said...

Hi Madeline
Thanks for contributing to the dialogue here at Revising Reform. I'm new in the blogosphere. I've enjoyed your interactions with 'ugley vicar', you've dared to say what I was perhaps only thinking. My journey began online early June when I started to blog to gain feedback on my feelings about women in ministry since I stuck my head above the parapet to protest, in the Conservative parish where I live. Since then, I've started to explore what's been happening on the International stage, realising that the problems aren't just over women in the Episcopate. This is just the tip of the iceberg. My own spiritual journey has been very interesting of late and I've been able to explore many aspects of Christian theology because of being in a position of reacting against some views with which I've come into contact. Do you have a blog? What's your background or experiences?


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