Wales would not cater for those in opposition to women Bishops. Because of this perhaps, they were unsuccessful by 3 votes but they're so nearly there

Archbishop of Wales, Dr. Barry Morgan

The New Testament has no developed theology of ordained ministry. It speaks of the high priesthood of Jesus and the “royal priesthood” of the whole church – the priesthood of all believers, who are all representatives of Christ and his church. Since the “royal priesthood” includes women, it follows logically that they ought to be able to represent Christ in every order of ministry in the church, just as they can represent Christ and the church by leading prayer and worship and at local, national and international councils.

The New Testament says that gifts of the spirit are given by God to different members of the community for the common good. No distinction in gifts is made between men and women. Men and women are both baptised into full membership of the new community and have equal access to God through Jesus. Jesus puts a child in the midst and says that anyone who welcomes a child, welcomes Him and whoever tends to the needs of the naked, the cold, the hungry and the imprisoned, also tends Him. Are we to say then that all these can represent Jesus but that women cannot?

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