Priest, minister, church leader

Ever interested in words, I wonder what the above connote. Churchmanship often dictates but is there ever a temptation to make assumptions - perhaps, to caricature. Can the description 'priest' correlate with a low evangelical view of the role when Calvin wrote of priesthood in this way - perhaps it is possible after-all? What do you think? What do you call yourself and why if you are ordained in the Good old C of E? I am interested.

‘[Christ’s] priesthood is for us in such a way that it recovers our own.’ A belief like this one animates our response to God. We have Jesus as intercessor, the offer being made is ourselves. This offer, however inadequate is made adequate through Christ. Christ has entered the heavenly sanctuary (Heb 9:24) and opens a way for us to enter (cf. Heb 10:20). He is the altar (cf. Heb. 13:10) where we lay our gifts. It all happens in him. He has made us a kingdom and priests unto the Father (Rev 1:6).

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