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Of all the texts pertaining to women in ministry in the Bible, which do you think elicits the most variance in terms of its interpretation? I want to settle on a passage to analyse for my Master's thesis. I hope to investigate the ways in which different bodies of the church interpret it and what, because of these readings, are the practical ramifications of putting such an interpretation into action.

I hope to do a literature review on the way that both scholarly and popular devotional genres have handled the scripture.

I hope to speak to women and men who have journeyed through their own varying takes on the passage as the years have gone by with a particular interest in those who have changed their minds.

I hope to uncover whether particular interpretations of the said text sit within a wider approach to other key scriptures which are handled in a similar way and to look into the backgrounds and theological education and upbringings of those who interpret the said text in a particular way to see if any common threads can be found.

Please suggest away.

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Robert Brenchley said...

You could use Paul's apparent injuction to the women to keep quite in church in 1 Corinthians 14:34, and similar texxts like the Pastor's comment that he doesn't let women teach. Or you could look at 1 Corinthians 11, etc, and tackle the whole complementarian thing.


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