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Made it back into the top 50 biblioblogs after a serious absence. Biblioblogs are varied and informative. I am developing a course on Women's encounters with Jesus through the gospel of John, amongst other things and discovered an entire bibioblog dedicated to 'The Pericope Adulterae' the other day, which will come in useful in helping me to keep the course up-to-date with the latest thinking on this pericope as time goes by.

There is this concern that some of have about how to keep up our academic studies once we are embroiled in parish life. Biblioblogs had been on my horizons for a long time.  I am glad to be able to keep up to date with some of the latest thinking in Biblical studies. On my latest horizons has been SBL. Their journal has some good offerings and I think I feel 'at one' with their theological take on things. I realise that with serious bibioblogging and SBL, you need to develop a speciality and I am wondering what shape this might take in the future.

There is a real challenge involved in keeping up to date with all of this stuff. But it's a good challenge.

It will not go away so I guess it's here to stay.

Made a contact over the CREC Peterborough thing with Stephen Goddard, and looking at his website and all the stuff he's involved in is energising, it all proves that internet evangelism is here to stay.

Then there are those long conversations you can have over the net about faith and life. I spoke for over an hour tonight with a certain well-known Unitarian blogger, who whilst his artistic impressions of my countenance leave a lot to be desired, proves to be an interesting theological debating partner. I should probably take up a hobby and go out and play squash or something, but there you go...maybe one day.

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