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It took me a while to work out why people kept referencing Star Trek. Think I might need to rethink..."Beam me up Stotty!" (h/t Graham Richards)

Go here to see other piccies from the BBC.

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Joan_of_Quark said...

What's a liturgical waistcoat for? Never having heard of one, I'm guessing something like a Fresh Expression or Service of the Word, where someone who's leading wants to be dressed in clothes that set them apart and have a theme of the church year, but without wearing a cassock or something?

Rachel said...

Yes - I think you might be right. Nice idea- wonder what the female equivalent would be? The liturgical shrug?

Joan_of_Quark said...

Well, I'm a laydee of the female persuasion and I wear waistcoats occasionally, but not the liturgical kind. Shrugs, on the other hand, Gallic or otherwise, wouldn't suit me.

David Ould said...

frankly, I'm having a hard time to work out what the point is. I understand (and actually quite like) the blouse that you wore - it's flattering and doesn't distract.
But the dress, frankly, was just strange - the collar just looks weird to my mind. I'm trying to think of the practicality of it. Perhaps part of it is just my inate reluctance to put on the dog collar at all. I mean, I have no problem having it on when necessary but the daily habitual wearing strikes me as just strange,which then makes me feel the adaptations of dresses etc are contrived.

And don't get me started on those waistcoats! Loud waistcoats are for wearing underneath a jacket - they do their work with a discrete flash of colour not a brazen flood of it!

ok, rant over.

Nancy Wallace said...

I think the dress looks professional, fashionable and practical. Don't worry about Star Trek!

Rachel said...

Thank you Nancy. I was going to have this as the dress under the cassock I get ordained in... hoist off robes and wear this for buffet lunch after...I have to think it through...it will be July, Summer, perhaps it's a bit dark, perhaps it's too 'I am a vicar' - I don't know, but then that is what we will have all just been witnessing in the Cathedral.

I am interested in clergy attire, because I think on a deeper level it can communicate our own theology about what we think ordination is. At the same time, I think ministers think about how they are being received. Motivation is the desire to not put any stumbling block in the way regarding perceptions of God, church...One friend suggested a bib-stock under normal clothes so you just whip the thing out once the ceremony is over and go to lunch without the dog-collar but then this might be interpreted just as much as making a point of some kind. Emmm....thanks for your views - I'll add them to the pot so I can make a decision.


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