A Pastoral letter from the Bishop:The proposals endorsed by Synod invite us to affirm that women have a full, honoured and appreciated place at every level of that one church. We are invited to advance under God’s guidance and call, proclaiming that half the human race are not disqualified from such full participation simply because of the way God has made them. The catholic faith is based upon inclusion through grace.

Miranda Threlfall-Holmes at Gen Synod
Can you see yourself in a role like that?

Please read Alistair's pastoral letter on the diocese's thoughts regarding women bishops.

I have been contacted by Christina Rees who is hoping that people with views sympathetic to women bishops will stand for General Synod in the Autumn. This is something within the horizon of my thinking but I can not consider it because I fall between the system, if you like, not quite laity and not quite clergy because I am in training but I can put a plea out to those of you who can gracefully present your views for the full inclusion of women in the church to consider standing for General Synod.

That is what I am doing here.

Your new Diocesan synod, voted in in Autumn, will debate and vote on the the proposals for women Bishops and the 'protection' of traditionalists. Christina explains how 'Some dioceses may also choose to cascade the debate down to deanery synods, but it is required that all diocesan synods debate and vote upon the proposed legislation.'

2/3 (30/44 dioceses) must approve the legislation for it to go back to General Synod for final approval. If you have any worries that traditionalists will not be catered for, please read Bishop Alistair's letter, they will be supported and he is right in not wanting to create the two-tier church that would be the result of what many traditionalists were hoping for. We need people on Synod who can communicate the fair and reasonable approach that the church is hoping to take on the issue of women bishops with grace and clarity. Could that be you?

Aside from standing on General Synod, there are other things you can do like writing to the Bishop of your diocese to show your support for women bishops, or asking people you know who are enthusiastic about women bishops to stand.

Look at your diocesan website for whom to contact and look at the Youtube clip below if you think General Synod might be for you.

Here is a special site set up by Synod with information

This is information for laity

This is information for clergy

This is what it all entails

This is about the electorate

You might be able to print off and give this leaflet to someone

Or encourage them to watch the clip below



Alastair Cutting said...

Though I suspect Miranda's views will not have changed significantly, it may be worth observing that your link is to her July 2008 Synod reflection, not this year's.

I support your plea for people to stand for Synod; and not just those who think like me.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you Alistair, I have amended my post accordingly.

Yes, I have been quite captured by Reform's plea for people to stand and it would be a shame if the legislation was threatened so I can not help but put a plea out for those sympathetic to the cause of women in the episcopate, all voices need to be heard, however.

I wait with anticipation to see what the next 5 years will bring.

Thanks for your contribution.


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