How to speak with humility and confidence?

Not wanting my theology too fluffy but also not prepared to say I understand where the end of the ball of wool finishes. 

I am trying to decide on a contextual theology model. I have to write about my two-week work placement with the marginalised. I visited refuges and volunteered at a drop-in centre. I went out onto the streets and entered homes that were not homes, not recognisable to me anyway. I stayed put and invited in others, for shelter I hoped, again it might have been challenge where it was supposed to be comfort. I am interested in power and powerlessness. They drop-in, the territory is the church's. When we visit the hostel or refuge, are we 'dropping-in' or just 'dropping by'? Who is guest and who is host? Who learns from whom? Who is left changed? Do I shape their sense of a gospel or do they shape mine? And/Both

In all this thinking and reflecting on inculturaion, adaptation, translation, how much is inserted, how much need not be because God, if we only stopped to watch him, is already at work before we got there?

I came across this and it seems to promote a humility and it leaves me wondering about everything really -

'Hierarchs, theologians and men of power are eager to say “the last word” and yet it may be better to be very hesitant in saying the last word on Christology.'

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