Ooh, I've been categorised!


Emm, I guess.

Nice to be back in the top 50 again, whatever Dave Kerr threatens us with ;-) Anyway dearest Dave, I remember you were pretty chuffed about your technorati status (scroll to the end of his prayers) that time, a while back. (I'm just jealous ;-), Technorati will not even recognise my blog, I've messed up my html so much.) Last Christmas Dave blessed all us bloggers, this year he is cursing us, so it all sounds like that whole biblical cycle thing we get to learn about.

Anyway, let me plug the only other woman in the biblioblogs top 50. She has a brilliant blog in terms of its aims. Read her 'about' page. For those of us studying Hebrew (not me, it clashed with Greek), it looks to me like she's got some seriously helpful stuff on her site.

Visit Karyn

....only other woman....oh yep...come on women...we can blog about the Bible too!


The Church Mouse said...

Also check out David Keen's listing of the top religious blogs in the Wikio rankings


David Ker said...

Only 1 r in Ker thank you. And you are deserving to be in the top 50. Where are the other Jaels?!? http://www.creationism.org/images/DoreBibleIllus/eJud0421Dore_JaelAndSisera.jpg

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you David Ker with one r - be glad you've not gor Marszalek ;-)

Busy with their tent pegs rather than their keyboards I guess.


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