What do you think? Honourable onanism?

NT Wright on Blogging/Social Media from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

Blogging is not as time-consuming as World Tours for "book-signings". Such activities can prevent a man from ever being in his own Diocese.

Timothy Parker said...

On the negative view, he may be Wright. We cannot assume that the more we are filled with words - and words do soothe and help us with self-therapy - the more we are complete. Possibly a kind of puffed up self-centered form of existence. Positively, my experience has also been that the blogs and the internet in general can act like the composing of a book. Rather than being pointed to its contents linearily, rather a 'book' is fashioned in the mind from the indexical or hyperlinked points to the book we make or fashion around any topic we hunger for. A partial reversal of the normal approach to reading. For instance i started by travelling to Carrickfergus library on the shores of Belfast Lough, then I spot a new book on the Archbishop by B Myers. Then i visit the B. Myers website, Faith and Theology, and then I am linked to Rachel's blog. It reminds me of those reverse indexes we get in the library, the reverse or citation index. Hyperlinking has connected me primarily to rich conceptual material, if not to persons. And in doing so, may help or will help forge personal connections in the real world if that conceptual material so gained is of Christ, the personalizer of persons. He will make sure, by his Spirit, that i am more open, and responsive ie communicative, for that challenge.


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