I am involved in a project designing a course for women who are understanding themselves for the first time as 'mother'. We are wanting to collect testimonies from women regarding their experiences of shifting identity, expectations and spirituality. Our course is a five week program covering such topics as 'Who am I?', 'Expectations', ' Juggling roles and relationships – stress and pressure' and 'Are you still there God? /Practising the Presence of God'. Our aim is to enable women to formulate ways in which to redefine their spirituality in a changed context, and grow in confidence in their identity as women, mothers and children of God. We will plan the course in a group, deliver one session to our lecturer and class and each write a theological reflection on the process, in which we demonstrate how we have engaged with various adult education theories in our formulation of the course materials and activities so that we might develop best practice and reach adults who learn differently from one another. We will mock-market the course and create a website/blog, so if you see another blog affiliated to this one, realise that it begins in a very experimental way and might not be something I can maintain but your contribution would be appreciated. During our first session, we plan to collect testimonies of women's experiences of motherhood. If you would like to contribute your testimony to the new blog, that would be greatly appreciated.  Address.

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