Speaking in tongues

I like this. H/t Clayboy

It rather reminds me of the amazing possibilies for unity and disunity which the internet provides and because I am writing an essay which should conclude with what the Church should look like today in terms of my textual analysis of Eph 1:1-14, I am wondering about our disunity and the fact that we do not understand each other and what we must do to overcome that.

On Facebook, I have a friendship with an Italian deacon and religious educator, a Catholic and we speak by using google translation tools and we've had some pretty deep and interesting converstations Having said that, I am just about the worst person at understanding people with heavy accents, which has often resulted in serious confusion. I thought I was suffering from calcium deficiency when I was pregnant, when in actual fact I was being told to see a consultant physician. I thought that the man buying my first house was declaring it full of damness and condemnation when in actual fact he was asking whether I had certificates for treatment for dampness and condensation and believe me these are just a few of the examples I can bring to mind!

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