The conversion of Paul

It should give us such hope.

There are no ends to the depths of God's mercy.

Reading about Paul's conversion:

Wondering whether to write about problems in Corinth.

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Edward Pothier said...

You've found "Zeroth Corinthians".!

In what we presently call the *First* Letter to the Corinthians there is apparently a reference to an earlier letter of Paul to them: "[1 Cor 5:9] I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people." For those of us not scared of a number before "one", this letter could be called "Zeroth Corinthians". Was this letter inspired? Was it lost? [Some scholars hypothesize that parts of it may be contained in what we call Second Corinthians, which shows some signs of being a composite letter.]

Edward Pothier


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