# 23 in top 50 Biblioblogs (shaker and mover) - ace!

That's great. Re vis.e Re form is the 23rd top blog at Biblioblogs. I'm quite chuffed really. Theological college will now help me put the X factor into my exegesis and the holiness into my hermeneutics or so goes the plan.
I get another pretty trinket for my little old blog. 

This is what they say. Cool!
We have made over 50 additions during the month, by scouring the world of biblical studies blogging, seeking out women biblical studies bloggers (with plenty of help from other bloggers), and reclassifying about 20 blogs on the related blogs list as biblioblogs with a little more flexibility in the criteria. So do have a check through the updated Complete List of Biblioblogs, if you get the chance. Who are the shakers and movers in biblical studies blogging for the month of September 2009? Daniel O. McClellan (Maklelan) leaped into sixth place this month, up 30 places. The mischievious Jim Linville (Dr Jim’s Thinking Shop and Tea Room) rose 53 places to No. 16, in the initial stages of his plan for world biblioblogging domination. And among the new entrants, in addition to Matt Dabbs (at No. 3), we have Henry Neufeld (Participatory Bible Study Blog) at No. 11, and Rachel Marszalek (Re-vis.e Re-form) at No. 23.

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Peter Kirk said...

Well done, Rachel! I didn't quite make the top 50, but only because the cutoff ranking went up from 1,397,865 in August to 1,112,255 in September.


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