Oh my flipperty-flipper-flappers!!

Oooh more twinkly bits to add to the blog. (I coloured it in pink, bad attempt at irony.)

The Biblioblog Logo:
The Biblioblog logo was selected from some of the languages and symbols used in biblical studies:
B – Coptic Beta
I – Ugaritic Alpa (i)
B – Greek capital Beta
L – Syriac Lamed
I – Egyptian Yod
O – Hebrew Ayin (Siloam Tunnel inscription, late 8th century B.C.E)
B – Greek lower case Beta
L – Hebrew Lamed (Siloam Tunnel inscription, late 8th century B.C.E)
O – Proto-Sinaitic Vav (ca. 1500 B.C.E.)
G – Symbol for Greek versions of the Hebrew Bible

Flips, just proves to me, I've got so much to learn, I thought they had just used a pretty font ;-)

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