An ode to Gordon D. Fee

Oh Gordon Fee with that interesting D,
How I love to rest in your company,
I skip happily over hermeneutical bridges,
With you at my side, how I feel not the ridges.
The planks are strung carefully and though it might blow,
Your exegesis gives me confidence to dare so to know.
So when I jump off on the other side
And a variety of interpretations begin to collide,
I can bring to the discussion such an assurance of words
That any claims to knowing are surely absurd.
We're all playing our card in the hermeneutics game,
In our quests we'll discover that 'what's in a name'
Is not the prestige of a blog award or badge - oh, the shame!
There is only one thing, despite what you think, I shall claim
It's that Jesus has the name that is above every name
And when he is our focus, nothing's the same!



Michael F. Bird said...

Most amusing. Your next effort should be a limerick on Fee. I do know one about C.H. Dodd:
"There once was a man called Dodd
Whose name was exceedingly odd.
He spelt, if you please,
His name with three D's
When one is sufficient for God"

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you, Michael. I'll work on it. Great limerick.


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