K to the O to the I to the N to the E

It saves the exegetical day!
Yep - I'm feeling the frustrations.
Oh roll on those Greek lectures and seminars.
Here's a woman who's just GOTTA LEARN!!!

Not so sure about the DA Carson thing going on at the end, but still the following really made me laugh.

H/T Jonathan Swales


Jack Meyers said...

LOVED it. Added it to my SideBlog.

And hey, what's wrong with DA Carson? I might be visiting him soonish...

Nice to meet you, Rachel.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Hi Jack,
I will have some disagreements with Carson on secondary issues. Alongside, Grudem, Andreas Köstenberger, John Piper,Vern Poythress, Albert Mohler, Douglas Moo, Dorothy Patterson, Thomas Schreiner and Bruce Ware, he is a complementarian.

It simply means that when I read a book by the authors above, I also, shortly afterwards, read a book by one of these lot: Belleville, Gregory Boyd, F. F. Bruce, Gordon Fee, Stanley Grenz, Walter Kaiser, Craig Keener, Roger Nicole, Ron Sider, Ben Witherington, N. T. Wright.

You know, for balance, which has got to be a good thing! ;-)

Nice to meet you. Glad you liked the clip.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Oh Jack, it's you!

Wow - I would love to be a fly on the wall when you meet D A Carson! Have you thought about what you might say?

Bridget Jack Meyers said...

Trinity Society of Women will be drafting a letter to the Committee on Bible Translation recommending changes for the 2011 NIV---mostly, lobbying to keep some of the changes that we loved about the TNIV. Carson is a TNIV supporter, so I was thinking of asking him to go over our list of proposed changes.

I would imagine that since he's a TNIV supporter he's a soft complementarian at least, though I'm not too familiar with his gender views. Some of my favorite scholars are soft comps (Craig Blomberg for one).

I am a proud member of Christians for Biblical Equality myself. :)

Rachel Marszalek said...

Good to know that about D A Carson. I hope I am not polarising. I can do that, you know - serious weakness of mine.

I've been checking out his MP3s.
I just worry that he adapts his message. Talking on the pastoral epistles, he delivers a sermon http://members.college-church.org/avmsdownload.asp?id=258 which I think is excellent and fair but when speaking about pastors to 'Desiring God', I feel that there is too much emphasis on men doing all the leading and Carson is upset by what he calls the over-feminisation of the Church, he seems to regret women leading families and churches http://www.desiringgod.org/download.php?file=/media/audio/conferences/dgcp2008/20080205_carson_2.mp3.

I don't know, maybe he was speaking to an all male audience. I like the guy, I just wonder how he feels about Women preaching and teaching and leading churches.

He does perhaps instead exhort men so that spiritual guidance does not wholly become the field of mothers reading bible stories and children listening to them, men must involve themselves too in the spiritual development of the household, as they once did in biblical times.

Who does he envisage in church leadership, is it only men?

Also notice his emphasis in the second sermon on leadership, authority etc - to the The Desiring God crew. Desiring God, CBMW seem very into teaching about authority, hierarchy etc. This was not Carson's emphasis as Wheaton.

I don't know - maybe I'm making too much of things. Maybe you can ask him how he feels about the Church of England ordaining women into leadership positions, for me.

Thankfully, Carson does qualify his points about authority with Matthew 20:25-28 - he's good on this point - qualifying what authority should look like - servant-hearted. Doesn't the advice also apply to mothers though, or not - not to exasperate our children etc I know it was stated by Paul to the men because he needed to overstate it, they weren't used to this being an expectation but we do not get any of this from Carson - the context.

After all this - he kind of goes off topic, although it is interesting and talks about his father - funny in parts.

Interesting food for thought.

Maybe at Desiring God - there are no women in the audience - I guess that is probably something I can say without it being too hasty a judgment, knowing what I know about Desiring God. If Carson is invited to speak to pastors there, they will all be men, won't they?

Carson does indeed endorse the TNIV. I wonder how he feels about their translation of Gen 1:26 and 1 Tim 1:12?

All the best with your TNIV petition. Keep me up to date with how it goes.

Good to chat, Jack.
God bless.


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