Why do we look to Jesus?

Thinking about the uniqueness of Christ because of my post below

We look to Jesus because he is the absolute fullness of God. We look to Jesus because there is no other substitute, there is no other complete expression of the Father's glory, because of a mystery which we will never understand until we behold His Lordship face to face, Jesus was God incarnate, living, breathing, walking this planet over two thousand years ago and this God incarnate died for us and conquered up death, rose again and then sent his Comforter so that we might come to know more fully, whilst we're on this planet, to whom we belong so that we too might be filled with the same Holy Spirit that Jesus knew, as fully as we can be, whilst still in the presence of sin. This Holy Spirit works to purge us of our sin whilst we live, if we invite him into our lives, for he is, for want of a better word, a person to whom all we have to do is say 'come', for there are no human words to fully capture what he is, He wants to be invited into our lives so that he can take up residence within us and do this work - loving us, purifying us, redeeming us in the name of Jesus; clarifying, shaping and transforming our minds to be like the mind of Christ. This is the work of the Holy Spirit, exhibited purely by grace because it is never about our work - we do nothing to earn his presence or deserve his presence - it is all about grace: the grace of God and it is all about Jesus and all we have to do is say 'yes' and welcome the gift which God, in his love, for God is love, wants to lavish upon us - his children. So it is all about Jesus, this is how we come to have a relationship with the Father, through the Son by the power of the Holy Spirit. This is how we know to whom we belong so, Yes, Christ is unique, he is the one and only Saviour, the Son of the living God and no other expression that is worshipped fully captures this and so, yes, Christ is unique, he is the most perfect way to communion with the Father. He is the way that the Father reaches out to the reflection of Himself that he created so that he could exercise Love - us - Love because he has to, because God is love.

So...these creatures, us, sometimes worship less full expressions of the Father and this does sadden the Father for not Buddha, nor Mohammad nor any other entity worshipped compares to Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life, the way to the Father, the narrow gate through which we can pass by the power of the Spirit.

Here take an analogy. You are a child and you go on holiday and you pack your suitcase very carefully, however because you are human and not divine, you are created - you are made, you are not begotten like the perfect Jesus, you are with sin, or in other words you are not perfect - there is not the complete fullness of God in you and you make mistakes, you pack the suitcase and do not remember to take your special teddy bear. At night you take up another teddy bear and whilst this is of some comfort, you still cry for the bear whom you wish you knew, whom you wish you had remembered. Those who think that they are in communication with the Father through someone other than Christ are indeed loved by God, but they have forgotten through whom they were made, they think the substitute for Jesus is sufficient and it isn't and so their expression of faithfulness is damaged. Either this is manifested by a belief that there is work to do on their part when actually it is all about grace and they do not understand this or there is some other big flaw in the faith ideology which puts an emphasis on man when faith should be all about God and all about Jesus.

So it is our job as Christians and as the body of Christ, for we have the security of dwelling in the security of our Saviour, to reach out to our multi faith communities and remind them who made them and to whom they belong, to help them understand that God is wanting to do an amazing thing and call them home again from their holiday, which has not been the thing He planned for them, to be in right relationship with him, through Christ. They are to come home and find rest after their difficult sojourn. This pleases the Father so much, to see all his children reconciled to Him and it is happening because it has been accomplished through the blood of Jesus who made an absolute one off and perfect sacrifice for sin in order to reconcile the whole of the cosmos back into right relationship with the triune God. Praise you Father for in you can be found all good things, praise you Saviour: the perfect expression of the Father and praise you Holy Ghost who was sent to teach us all these things.



Rachel Marszalek said...

Carrying on the conversation at 'Ugley Vicar' about KJS, it has been clarified by Peter Carrell.
I responded with this:

Thank you Peter, yes, in effect, is KJS fully obedient? Does she take Matthew 28 seriously as her mission? I understand. In effect she might be offering the world a ministry which leaves much of the world impoverished, if it is not about her helping, as God's co-worker, to spread the message of salvation through the unique Christ, the perfect, absolute and only expression of God the Father. This is God's call on her life. Is she understanding this? I'm not sure either.

Bishop Alan Wilson said...

Rachel, I'm very taken with your phrase "we have the security of dwelling in the security of our Saviour."

Enjoying the true security of being inside his security ("in Christ" who was there in the beginning with God, in whom everything (Ephesians Colossians) reaches its goal) strikes me as the best perspective within which not only to engage with anyone of any faiths or none, but also our own tendency to cultural hot button issue fear and paranoia.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thank you Bishop Alan.
Yes, we actually need to concentrate, if we have the mind of Christ, on what unites us rather than separates us. We will then lead others of other faiths or none by love to the fullness of love in Christ. It's all about love.
God bless


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