Let's talk about LOVE, babee!

This is how it feels to me at the moment - it is as if all our Bible translations and all the dialect differences within all the languages of the world use words to speak of the love of God and capture that love when the Spirit teaches the mystery of these great truths to us.

However there is also debate amongst humanity about which words we should use in our Bibles, this debate reflects our imperfect relationship with the Spirit, who can be quenched when we do not listen, so humanity struggles to communicate this love, we have the Spirit but we also have sin which causes us to sometimes focus on difference - translation, denomination etc There are countless examples of our tendency to overemphasize difference.

But, praise to the Father, who has The Way, his love is perfectly captured by the expression of the Living Word - Jesus.

This love is also very fully spoken of in tongues when God testifies to our spirit about it with his Spirit and has us express it in our angelic utterances. So really there are just very subtle degrees - each communication system is beautifully engineered by God to bring him glory.

If I want to speak of love, at this point in my spiritual journey - Christ is the perfect fulfillment of that love - it is to him whom I point and I do that by living the word in the power of the Spirit and then my soul testifies to that love in tongues.

Wow - how Great is our God - sing with me - how Great is our God.

Love, love, love the Lord your God with all your heart and your mind and your strength and love your brothers and sisters in just the same way for this is also how you love God, in the name of Jesus by the power of the Spirit. Blessed be His Name!


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