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About Michele Guinness:
Michele was brought up in a practising Jewish family, became a Christian in her late teens and is now married to Peter, a Church of England minister who happens to be a great, great grandson of Arthur Guinness, the famous brewer.
Having worked in the media for many years, including presenting her own daily lunchtime programme on BBC local radio, she moved into PR, eventually becoming Head of Communications for the NHS in Cumbria and Lancashire. She left at the last reshuffle to concentrate on writing, training and speaking all over the UK. She has written eleven best-selling books, including, Chosen, her autobiography, and The Heavenly Party, a resource book on celebration, full of ideas and recipes for families and communities. She also has a regular column with practical suggestions for feasts and festivals in Families First, the Mothers’ Union magazine.
Much to her surprise, Michele now has two grandchildren. Her latest book, Autumn Leave – A Season in France, (Authentic), which describes the joys and pitfalls of planning a retirement in France, was published in July.

I met Michele Guinness at New Wine last week and was able to listen to her talk on Women and the much misunderstood St Paul. It was a joy to listen to her and I felt again the strong stirrings of a calling to women's ministry. I have tried so hard to strangle the life out of this call but it will not go away. So I was able to talk to her about Kephale and Headship and Wayne Grudem and wonder with her about what we might teach our daughters so that they might be as fully human as they ought to be in Christ. She will visit my sending church in 2010 in Derby.

She is passionate about Jesus and about reaching women and she has a real gift, for she enables women to laugh through some of the pain that they have experienced. She really is very funny and I am sure that God gave us laughter, in part, so that he might heal us.

Do see her talk if ever you have the opportunity.

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Curate Karen said...

I would have liked to hear the talk along with viewing the slides, but I can get the gist. Michele Guinness seems to have a lot of wisdom to share. Thank the Lord she is putting herself out there with the good news of God's liberating love!


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