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Interesting stuff.

Interesting that John Coles from New Wine had a message and stands in solidarity. He worries about secular humanism, fair enough. Jody has had her concerns that New Wine seems to be unrepresentative when it comes to women in leadership. I wonder. Does affinity with FCA always mean belief that women shouldn't be ordained. Probably not. Not sure.

It will be interesting to see what Fulcrum make of it all.

Unity? I dunno. The communion? Well, it's all very interesting.

'A new reformation?' Not sure.


fibrefairy said...

JOhn Coles in his letter to New Wine leaders a few days ago said that he thought NW should be behind FCA - and ( direct quotation)
"(I realise that there are many in FCA who hold views which are very different from ours, for instance excluding women from church leadership. But with Henry Orombi right at the heart of it I know that our views on women in leadership will be upheld. I further realise that some will think this movement is the wrong strategy..."

I just don't know how you can ally yourself to a movement when you disagree with one of the defining platforms on which it is forming?

Then again I'd LOVE to see more public speaking showing that you can affirm women's ordination *and* speak out that marriage between one woman and one man is the proper place for sexual expression. This is a position New Wine holds ( Jody's ( and others!!) real concerns not withstanding, it is the official position) The gay and women's issues are so intwined, it's assumed so often that if you are pro one you are pro the other - t'aint so.

jody said...

hi rach

i did manage to talk to john coles about it - interestingly the paragraph that paul perkins read out was only half the story of what john sent out in that newsletter, the other half said that new wine were about affirming women in ministry and that they also saw the covenant as valid.

seems to me slightly disengenuous to make out that new wine are fully on board the fca wagon!

john coles told me to 'give him 5 years' when i told him that i don't necessarily see new wine as a safe place for me (or others committed to the women in all three orders), because of the lack of representation or seeming impetus to want to do anything about it.......we shall see

Rachel Marszalek said...

t'aint so indeed and the suggestion just drives me nuts!

Interesting Fibrefairy - thanks.

Rachel Marszalek said...

Flips and blimey Jody - they 'can't 'alf tell 'em'
- very interesting indeed - and a little scary.


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