I have a feeling I may be behaving a little strangely...

I had an email today from a friend who realises how hard it is when everyone else knows something you're the last to know. She's praying for me.

I think I'm behaving a little strangely as I get through this day - which is the day before the ministry division let me know. I have just tidied out 6 drawers and 4 shelves, mopped two floors and made my glass desk shine with Mr Sheen. For me this is quite strange behaviour. Although, I am beginning to recognise this trait - my desperate need to tidy up before I receive news which I can not predict, or embark upon something 'heavy'. The thing is no matter how much I tidy up there seem to be a hundred and one things to do.

The girls seem to have the bug too and have helped to sort out all their felt-tip pens and taken two small plastic cars through a back-yard fairy liquid and washing up sponge car-wash. It's the first day of the summer holidays and life could be so different by the end of them.

We are all feeling restless about where we're living, how we're schooling our children and my husband about what he should do for a living so even if there are not changes for me, change is definitely a-brewing!

...right...now to the hoovering! How therapeutic is a good bit of housework.


fibrefairy said...

oh I recognise that waiting feeling - though perhaps not the urge to tidy!! what's worse is that even though they say" friday at the earliest" you know that it could be for all sorts of reasons ( mainly postal or episcopal) Saturday, or even Monday and that is a killer!! I was twitchily paralysed on the Friday morning and just thankful the DDo called at about 11.00 and not any later!
thinking of you - I'm sure you'll let everyone know soon enough!! I hadn't been quite as public as you on my blog (as you'll see if you look back) which maybe eased the pressure of otherpeople wanting the news too!!

Rachel Marszalek said...

Thanks fibre-fairy. Public - yes, I have been - I'm realising this is a personality trait - I have to talk about things, to anyone who wants to listen really...

Tomorrow night I get to blast the youth group with lazer guns on our social at Lazerquest so I think the timing of this is great - I'll be able to work off some of that nervous energy if they haven't let me know by then.


Anonymous said...

If my wife started behaving in the way you have described I would advise her to take a pregnancy test.... ;)


Rachel Marszalek said...

Oh yes now there's a thought I won't dwell on for too long


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