It all makes sense...all?...well, you have to work it out a little bit...

I'm reading through Deuteronomy today. It's a good read. I try to approach the Bible like I would a good book, after all it is THE GOOD BOOK. I find a comfortable place, stack up a few refreshments on the table besides me and just get stuck straight in. A few words for a bit of help and an Amen, access to the internet and a few commentaries for the tricky bits and a cup of coffee or two just to keep eyelids engaged.

Some of Moses' decrees (God's decrees) sound strange to modern ears although most of them do not, really. There is reasoning behind them, as we would expect. Some of them just seem to make such wonderful sense.

I'm rather fond of this one and think that it would be good to revive! ;)

New International Version
If a man has recently married, he must not be sent to war or have any other duty laid on him. For one year he is to be free to stay at home and bring happiness to the wife he has married.

Are there any other deuteronomic decrees you think need reviving?

Well, they say Isaiah is like the Bible - but condensed. Even the 39, 27 split.
They also say Deuteronomy is the hinge of the Bible. Hopefully, I'll get to write on Isaiah next year but I think to end this academic year it would be good to get to grips with Deuteronomy. So I quite fancy this question now because it's quite wide and will just enable me to demonstrate, hopefully, what I have learnt regards historical criticism. Any tips would be greatly received.

Discuss the overall shape of the book of Deuteronomy, considering the key critical and theological issues that arise for Christian readers today, and drawing on verses or passages from different parts of the book to illustrate your answer.


Tim Goodbody said...

I recommend "Grace in the End" by gordon Wenham

Rachel Marszalek said...

Hi Tim,

Thank you.
I've been looking at Gordon Wenham's 'Exploring the Old Testament-The Pentateuch' and looking at the chapter on Deuteronomy. The books in this series cover the Histories and also the Synoptics but they are set out in such a way that you're rather left feeling that you're back at school - they're so 'text book' like, with little exercises in grey boxes to work through, so I look forward to looking into your suggestion, hoping it might feel a little different.

Thanks again


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