Happy day

On the 12th July, my husband will be received into the Anglican Church. Effectively, he's a Catholic, you know, on paper, that is. Now there lie our roots - in the catholic and apostolic Church. It has done me a lot of good to understand my heritage but equally we have thought about what happened at the Reformation too and Martin Luther's freedom through an understanding of God's grace, is a teaching that I will never forget.

There are many wonderful Catholic Churches out there and Catholic disciples of Jesus but my husband has come to realise that our faith, built upon the 39 articles and the BCP is his expression of discipleship. We have looked again at the thirty nine articles - the expression of protestantism. It breaks with Catholicism at several points. What I am left wondering a little, is if it convey's an impression of Catholicism, by its declarations of what it is not, which misrepresents today's Catholics. Do they believe that they can earn salvation? Do they still deny their congregations communion wine? I think that they have much in common with me. I imagine that their belief is in salvation through faith in Christ alone.

All I'm saying is that I have a deep love for my Catholic brothers and sisters but we will be celebrating as a family on the day that my husband becomes an Anglican and this will be a very special moment for us.

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