Defending the incredible

I will start to work now on my OT essay. I think I will write towards this title:
Analyse a passage in the Old Testament which would be considered historically problematic, discussing the historical issues that arise and explaining how the passage might be used with integrity by Christians today who are aware of the difficulties it raises.

If there are things which are historically problematic, ie they seem implausible or there is no substantiating evidence or written accounts that the event actually happened, then I think I am in the arena of 'form criticism' and I need to look at the genre of the piece, its purposes and intentions for those original authors and how and why we make meaning from it today.

The other option will involve me conveying an understanding of 'Source criticism'.
Analyse a passage in the Pentateuch which would often be regarded as a combination of earlier sources, discussing the strengths and weaknesses of a source-critical approach to the text and explaining the relevance, or otherwise, of such an approach for Christian use of the text today.

So, better make a start...

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