Can your theology accord with these lyrics?

What do you think?

How far does our presentation of God as male, shape our theology and the ways in which we relate to each other as human beings?

What about Calvinistic election?

Is God's love as cosmic in your theology?


Tim Goodbody said...

Hi Rachel,
I think the song is right (but didn't like the twiddly bit in the middle).
I was immensly challenged by the stuff in that Tom Wright talk you quoted yesterday about the image of God not being simply a matter of male and female together, but it remains the case that God is not a man, though of course he did become one (and Tadaa for Ascension day tomorrow), he remains human even now, just in the new creation.

I don't believe in double predestination - that some are predestined to damnation. Everyone can potentially be part of the elect; the elect are not defined in terms of linear time, as in a set number of people elected at the beginning of time who will "make it in". Once you are adopted into the family of God, you are part of the elect. It is both a case of I found Jesus, and Jesus found me, not either or.


Rachel said...

I loved Barth for his challenge of the idea of a select elect.
I like the song's portrayal of the generosity by God.

Ascension day - yep and I have to prepare a kids' craft - any ideas?

Thanks for dropping by.
blessings Rach

Tim Goodbody said...

How about footprint paintings? Maybe do a print and then laminate it and stick a self-adhesive magnet on to make a fridge magnet.
On the Mount of Olives there is a church with what is supposed to be the imprint of Jesus' last step on earth before he ascended - last step of Jesus, first steps of the church ...

Rachel said...

Genius - thanks Tim!


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