Oh my Lord, I'm a bubblin' over

Offended by gushy, charismatic Christians.

Turn away now!

Wow - God is so good. I just want to praise him.

I have been to the PCC AGM at our church and it was so spirit-filled. God just gives me pudding with heaps of custard on top that I wasn't expecting (that's a current picture I keep receiving at the moment, that and a glowing coal in my right hand - any interpreters?). Anyway, the pudding - yes. Our meeting was soaked in prayer and worship and I just feel like telling the world about the place where I worship. So I will.

There is something moving where I go and it is the Holy Spirit. I realised two things tonight while I was in prayer with people. The first was just how much the Holy Spirit has softened my heart. The words 'humble and contrite heart' kept buzzing through me and I am very conscious that I have such a huge way to go. I understand the gap between the person I am and the redeemed person I am in God's imagination and I know I am sinful (I have past hurts which haunt me) but if I only dwell on my sinfulness, I can not give God the glory for what he has done already in my life. I have come such a long way.

You see I can remember the time when other things gripped my heart and I was hardened and resistant, praying felt uncomfortable and embarrassing. I didn't know what to say or what to ask for. I didn't know God very well but now God has put it on me like an addiction - he is a magnet to which I am hopelessly attracted. I love him.

I have had another picture recently of a stream 'contained' and there are corks blocking up the holes and I really think a cork or two came loose tonight and flips, you know, it was the PCC AGM - it's ridiculous! Imagine what it's going to be like at New Wine - I can't wait.

The cork that came loose was the one that has me be 'just a bit too overly polite' to God, a bit too 'all around the houses with my words', the apologetic and hesitant but 'only if it's your will Lord' voice. Well, hopefully I might have done something about that voice - or rather he did.

I can ask, it's okay! God is a giving and a generous God and don't you just love those topping ups? And it's okay, we can ask for the Holy Spirit to empower us, to testify to our spirit that we are children of God and he does. Thank you Lord, thank you.

Okay - I'm done. You can stop looking away now. Amen!


Crunch said...

Re. the burning coal:
Isaiah 6 v6-8?????

Rachel said...

Thank you Gill
I was thinking the same thing


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