Oh, flips here we go again...

Is there an alternative, equally clever exegesis to this one?

Sometimes I just want to make something up, with some wonderfully long words and throw as much Hebrew in there as I can (can't) but this is just my sinful ego. Just when I think I can accept as an integrity this idea that male headship is what some Christians hold to, the repressed returns (Freud) and I'm embroiling myself in gender issues again.

Complementarians love to support their theories with the minutae, it seems so legalistic. Why can't they be more christocentric in their reading of scripture - Jesus' ministry questioned all the systems of power and submission - isn't it a disciple's job to liberate the oppressed so that the only reign they submit to is the Lord's - a reign which truly frees? With this kind of thinking in our churches, no wonder it's still a difficult place for women!

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