Holiday Club - a family affair

Just delivered our Easter holiday club for the under 5s - hubby and I - good fun! There was a calm atmosphere and no tears, which was great. I met the new arrival, a friend from the Friday group 'Nick's Chicks' brought her new baby boy. All went according to plan with my old laptop lasting all the way through until the last song when it crashed.

We showed a Youtube version of The Three Trees which they all sat glued too - I was worried it was a bit long and we took the children around our interactive Easter experience where they could climb through the tomb and pop out the other side to a cheer of Hosanna!

There was harmony amongst everyone. Our eldest joins the 5-11s club and our youngest joins our group and so it's a real family affair. Depending upon where God wants me to be, if I am successful at Selection Conference I'll give this up and concentrate on college and the development of the church's youth group. In September my own children will no longer be 'the under 5s' - how time flies. If I don't make it at selection conference, it's good to know that I can always continue with all these projects at our local church - it's great fun!


Lucy said...

Glad it went well :) I've only done a couple of holiday clubs. One time all the kids started calling me 'Lewis'. They found it hysterical, for some reason!

Rachel said...

Yes, kids can have the most bizarre senses of humour. However, you know those great big belly-laughs which are very rare. My dad used to have them watching Norman Wisdom films - they are fab because so rare. I tend to laugh like that most when i am working with kids - the last time was at our youth group when my husband and I caught sight of each covered in blue shaving foam - the penalty for a game we'd lost. Church life can be fantastic fun.

Lewis! Strange - but I guess it's the laughter which counts - you have to just join in - don't you.



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