Trying to be contemplative

Linguist Andi Bowsher had us exploring language and creativity this morning. This was a nice juxtaposition to the sombre and weighty words of BCP Morning Praise. We looked at the place for creativity in spirituality. I am very at home with this way of thinking, having looked at language as sign and signifier in linguistics during my first degree.

I also belong to a church which shows real flair in connecting people with God through creative prayer stations. I'm also interested in language in the way we have certain words function in an iconic capacity. We were asked to contemplate a routine object and make it 'other', see it afresh. We were then asked to understand it as 'good'(Gen.) - something created, even if were by man. We were asked to think afresh about naming and how God shares in the creative process with man in his asking Adam to name the animals. In the Koran, in contrast, God instructs man as to the names that he has given. God wants for us to be creative and there is an artist in all of us. The artist in all of us is that being of community - who creates with the tools given by the community and in turn produces something for the enrichment or appreciation of the community.

So I contemplated a pen and here is the poem that sprung up - I only had five minutes.

Communicator, memory maker
Incessant scribbling, life shaper
Epistolary tool and lover's waffling fool
Bleeding ink and emotional fillings
Bic and Biro, Parker spillings
Soon replaced and forever dying
Ever needing ink supplying
Threatened by technology
Ubiquitous in shop stationary
Never found when ever needing
To the page your colour feeding
A necessary companion, friend
To our thoughts your blood you lend
Plastic, silver, posh-engraved
So our thoughts salvation saved
Rudely crafted in days of old
From flint and stone, your materials bold
Lighter now and clicked and carried
Not feather from the bird who's tarried
Straight and lean and smooth you lie
So language – it might never die

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