Oh Karl - I'm just not getting it am I?

Well, I have a week to go before I hand in my review of Karl Barth's 'The Humanity of God'. It has been a serious struggle. I'm going to have to settle for less high grades than I did doing my first degree. I kind of feel more at peace about it now. I just can not shut myself away with a pile of theology books when there is so much real theology to be done, if you're with me. When I returned from college on Monday, no matter how contemplative I was trying to be, there was then something very life-givingly real about calling in at a friend for our meeting about the youth group to discuss our Youth For Christ material and which bits we all thought would work. I am also realising that God would not want me to ignore my children for the sake of five more pages about antiomianism or whatever it's called so Karl Barth was dumped tonight for a game of 'Pack your lunchbox - the board game' instead.

I used to think it kind of ironic that there seemed to be a tension between my voluntary work and my college work, I am beginning to realise that the tension is a four way split - family, prep for practical church stuff, prep for academic Christian stuff and now prep for DDO about all of the above. There is one thing which really worries me about ministry- how do you get the time to do all the stuff you have to do for all the people there are to love in this world, as well as making sure you remember to love God and yourself at the same time. Ahhh! Too much to do - too few hours - right Rach - back to Karl Barth!!!

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