Rosie Ward comes to college tomorrow to talk through Women in leadership roles

This should be great. Rosie is very encouraging. She once visited me when I was going through rather a hard time discerning my calling amongst a fog of voices, real but probably exaggerated by all the reading I was doing (Grudem etc), about how I couldn't possibly have got it right because women can not lead: 1 Tim 2: 11-15 etc!

I am reading her book 'Growing Women leaders' again. It's a shame she didn't publish it a couple of years ago because I must admit it took me a very long time to work through Bilezikian and Tom Wright and Kevin Giles and Elaine Storkey etc and all of those Biblical problem passages - her book helps hugely by summarising the issues. She also touches on ESS Eternal subordination of Jesus - used by some churches to justify limited and subordinate roles for women. My site has explored ESS before, although I think Grudem might not quite be articulating what he is charged with articulating, pushing it to Arianism takes things a bit far but I must admit his arguments for ESS are so subtle, they slip out of any real definition. What exactly is he saying and it is what he does with ESS that causes the problem.

So looking forward to this lecture and seminar.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, that sounds like a great book! Thanks for the recommend.

Rachel said...

Thank you for your contribution, Molly.
Hope you're enjoying your blogging break.
We miss your insights, but that's not said to persuade you to take up blogging again. There are seasons for everything. Enjoy the read. I'll update this blog later with any gems from the author herself.

God bless you and your family.

DaveW said...

Thanks for the recommendation, Amazon therefore delivered today.

Rachel said...

Happy reading Dave, I'm half-way through. It's an issue that speaks into the experiences of both genders and I was really glad that Rosie's lecture wasn't just for women.

Collaborative ministry is happening in my church - a minister of each gender leads. There's partnership. I think in the future we will become free of these distinctions - even aims to be collaborative focus too much on presenting gender diversity rather than gift diversity.

(Rosie ought to pay me commission! ;))


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